Thursday, February 02, 2006

NetBeans 5.0 Release is here!!!!

Main Page here.

Download it here.

Get it!



EddyPonce said...

Hello I just read your message that is really cool about how to learn netbeans with simple application thank you a lot I have a question I wonder how Can I connect a simple application from netbeans to MySQL or SQL I will be thankful if you help me please , this is my email if you can send me some information about that
Tank you
good luck

Matthew Ryan said...


I will just start by clarifying two separate topics.

Topic one is connecting from the NetBeans IDE to a database for purposing such as testing queries etc.

Topic two is connection from an application built on top of the NetBeans Platform to a database.

I am guessing you are talking about topic two and that question is not really specific to NetBeans but to Java in general. For that you may want to Google for an example of using JDBC.