Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Black-Scholes Pricer as a Yahoo! Widget

Yahoo! Widgets are pretty cool.

Main site is here.

Gallery of widgets here.

Building is not too hard. There's a Software Development Kit (SDK) available for download which includes both the Widget Dock and documentation.

Each widget is scripted using XML, using the file extension '.kon'. After that there's just JavaScript. You can embed JavaScript in your XML file or create separate JavaScript source files and import them into your XML file.

My Option Pricing Calculator widget uses AJAX to talk back to some PHP code which does the fancy maths.

Lots of fun.


Sunday, October 21, 2007

return undefined; flexmdi

I was just trolling through the flexcoders mailing list and found this announcement from the blog return undefined; that Ben Clinkinbeard, Brian Holmes and Brendan Meutzener are releasing the flexmdi project.

Announcing flexmdi: Robust, extensible MDI framework for Adobe Flex

Here's an online demonstration of it working.

flexmdi Example Explorer

There also a cool little 'getting started' intro which illustrates how simple it is to work with.

flexmdi: Starting out simple with MDICanvas

It's really cool.