Monday, April 14, 2008

Flex Best Practices

Who is Kapil Viren Ahuja?

Kapil has a nice little blog entry listing some Flex Best Practices which are worth a read. Thanks Kapil.


Sunday, April 13, 2008

A snippet of JavaFX

It's not bad. I've been using NetBeans and it's made it pretty easy to code and test. The dynamic preview in preview window comes in pretty handy.

title: "JavaFX Example"
width: 400
height: 400
onClose: operation(){ System.exit(0);}

content: BorderPanel {
center: bind mapKit

bottom: BorderPanel {
top: GridBagPanel {
border: CompoundBorder {
[EmptyBorder {
top: 5
left: 5
bottom: 5
right: 5
[GridCell {
anchor: EAST
gridx: 0
gridy: 0
content: SimpleLabel {
text: "Latitude: "
GridCell {
anchor: WEST
weightx: 1
gridx: 1
gridy: 0
content: TextField {
value: bind latitude

I chopped off the end to keep it brief.

Katowice represent!!

I put a map of Brisbane in my blog and the homies from my old hood says me, "you'se forgot where you'se from brudda!".

Katowice represent!!
Applets might come back... no prediction, just an interesting prospect.