Wednesday, September 03, 2008

NetBeans 6.1 with Developer Collaboration and OpenFire

The Team Lead on my current project was relocated to another part of the office and thinking it would be handy to catch him on an IM I thought I would install the Developer Collaboration Plugin. So I did the following;

1. In NetBeans open Tools > Plugins > Available Plugins
2. Checked 'Developer Collaboration' and clicked 'Install'

Then, since we firewall off most of the outside world, needed a local collaboration server and installed OpenFire.

3. Downloaded OpenFire 3.6 here.

SCRATCH THAT! After installing OpenFire 3.6 I discovered it didn't work with NetBeans 6.1. I had to hunt around for OpenFire 3.3.1

Happy to note that with OpenFire 3.3.1 installed and NetBeans 6.1 Collaboration Plugin worked with it very nicely.

Ah! But where to get OpenFire 3.3.1?

Ignite Realtime, the site where you can find OpenFire, do not make previous versions available for download so I had to hunt around on the net for OpenFire 3.3.1. It wasn't easy to find but it's out there.

Hope this helps anyone trying to get started quickly with the NetBeans 6.1 Collaboration Plugin and OpenFire on their LAN.